Recap of 2017

2017 was one of the most life changing years yet for me. I don’t think anything will ever be the same after this past year. I just wanted to go through recap all that has happened in the past 12 months.


  • Worked my last holiday season at Kmart
  • Enjoyed my last Christmas at home
  • Returned to school ready to crush my last semester


  • Spent my Valentine’s Day doing my usual tradition of ordering pizza and watching Shakespeare in Love
  • Was doing my home health clinical rotation with the best nurse I could’ve ever hoped to be matched with. She was awesome and truly made me feel like I could achieve whatever I wanted to


  • Finally got my most perfect Little in my sorority! I love her to death and couldn’t imagine having anyone else as my Little.
  • Travelled to NYC for my spring break
  • Celebrated my last IUPatty’s



  • Finished up with my Psych nursing rotation
  • Went to my last formal as a collegiate member for my sorority aka received the best paddle possible
  • Left my job at the Student Health Center after 2 years of working there


  • GRADUATED! After 4 long years, I finally did it and walked across that stage
  • Flew south to stay with my grandparents and study for the NCLEX
  • Relaxed on the beach and tried not to worry too much about my exam
  • Interviewed and was offered a job position at a local hospital in the south



  • Flew back to PA to finish up studying and actually sit for the NCLEX
  • Drove out to my grandmother’s the night before to collect myself before the exam
  • Sat for the NCLEX, I walked out of that room thinking I knew nothing and not having the slightest idea of whether I passed or not


  • Drove 12 hours to my new home in my new state
  • Tried to enjoy my final two weeks of freedom before the real world started
  • Soaked in as much vitamin D as I could



  • Started my first adult job
  • Received my first adult paycheck….. $$
  • Flew to Philadelphia to be a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding
  • Took a weekend trip to Greenville, SC




  • Celebrated my 23rd birthday
  • Settled into a rhythm at work


  • Interviewed for my dream unit of Maternity in the hospital
  • Got offered a position in said unit



  • Once again was the newbie on the floor
  • Learned the new charting and assessment for postpartum patients
  • My two best friends from PA came down to visit



  • Visited a lighted garden show for Christmas
  • Celebrated my first Christmas away from home, surprisingly got put on call for the night
  • Spent the last weekend of the year in Charleston

My goals in 2017:

  • Gain as much experience as I can on the maternity unit in the next year; learn postpartum, nursery, and begin labor and delivery
  • Start looking into clinic nursing
  • Figure out where things are going with this boy
  • Be open to whatever opportunities may come
  • Take a trip somewhere I’ve always wanted to go: New Orleans, Disney World, Texas

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